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Holes in the leaves of my cherry blossom tree

Hi. I have a number of small holes (2mm approx) in the leaves of my weeping cherry blossom. I can see no pests other than a few greenfly, but am wondering whether it could be ants. Also the tree is generally not looking healthy - many branches are bare

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Alina W

It sounds like bacterial canker. Full description and treatment options here.

Oh no - I've noticed holes in the leaves of my young cherry tree too.  Been out to have a look at the trunk but can't see any oozing or dead patches.  Could there be any other reasons for holes in the leaves?

Alina W

It's the most common cause, but it's one of the earliest symptoms, so if you give your tree a couple of sprays as described in the linked article, you should be able to stop it progressing.

Hi, I know this is an old post but hoping someone will reply.

I planted and Dwarf Stella a year ago and I have noticed the same kind of holes in the leaves described above.  Having done further research it is definitely bacterial canker.

The advice given for the use of Copper-based fungicides is to start treating in August.  I am concerned that this may be too late, the tree is very young and probably 90% of the leaves are affected.

Can I treat now in May?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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