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Has anyone notice that there holly trees are dieding lost one in my front garden and one at a garden that i look after all about the same age and sizes plants

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sometimes they do need a bit of prune to rid of old wood and diesesed parts.My very old holly looked ailing and i pruned it or cut it back and recovered



Holly hates waterlogged soils - try to improve the drainage in the area.


my holly is thriving and it seems to be sprouting wild in the woods near here, must agree with dovefromabove as my soil and the sloping wood is well drained soil.


They also need space, I plante some too close to each other and lost a couple, which gave the rest room to grow well!  As dove and steve say, they need very good drainage and wlll not tolerate wet feet.  Can't fault them for that myself. 


thank you for all your help

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