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Ooh Liza, are you sure cos I don't have a red switch once I start on gardening! I found the best organic pest control was to switch to 'square foot gardening' so I didn't have big areas of monoculture that attract specific pests. Dotting vegetables with 'companion planting' plants also reduces pests.

(this is an old winter plan I made in 2011 but by rotatating the grid in different areas of the garden pests get the run around) OK will stop now


Like Alan mentioned - I used some washing up liquid (Fairy of course ) to deal with greenfly on my Canna yesterday which is in the kitchen at present. I use very little in the way of chemicals and it will take a while in this garden to get a balance as there was nothing here for wildlife. Plenty of birds are coming in now because I feed them and they will be encouraged to keep on top of things for me. I avoid anything which is inclined to be slug/snail food and mainly grow stuff which is more resistant as there are huge snails here. I control them manually just now but I hope to put  a small pond in too. Hanging feeders in shrubs or bushes which have pests on them is a great way of getting birds in there. 

have just tried Ecover on a sample of my withering nasturtiums..some kind of aphid has eaten the leaves and stems and i don't want them to do that..if that doesn't work then fairy liquid/water ..oddly some plants are flourishing while others are being eaten..maybe the aphids are working their way along...

Steve 309

I hope Ecover w/u liquid works cos that's the only sort I have.  Just boiled up some garlic to mix it with.

Aphids love nasturtiums but at least it keeps them off other things.


My roses were infested with aphids a few weeks ago and I used a spray of dilute washing up liquid (Fairy will be pleased)  with a little olive oil added.  The roses are now completely clean.  Even better news is that I saw a ladybird when I was weeding the other day - hope it invites all it's friends.

I am thinking of using a garlic spray on my new hosta to see if that puts the slugs off.

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