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Can anyone help me please, my honeysuckle which trails along the fence at the front of my garden has developed a problem.

Last year and again this year it has amassed a load of buds which then turn black and die , It was beautiful till last year we have done nothing differently and it is a well established plant, 

Any thoughts ?

Is it dry at the roots Billie Jean? Honeysuckle is a wood land plant that likes moist roots in shade. I think I'd water it thoroughly give it a light feed and provide some shade at the roots for this year then in spring next year give it a haircut and do the same, moisture and shade. I'd check for aphids as well and spray with dilute washing up liquid.


I agree with Dave - sometimes plants by a fence can be in a 'rain shadow' and although there is rain, not enough of it falls close to the fence. 

Hi Dave and DFA thanks for your responses , yes it is dry it doesn't have a great deal of soil either it was here when I moved here 6yrs ago. I'll follow that advice and keep my fingers crossed 

Thanks again x


Hello again , Its my honeysuckle again your advice last time worked a treat and I have even had lovely full blooms this year just wondering now should I cut it back for winter if so how far should I take it back and whens the best time to do it x


Leave it till spring Bille-jean, it flowers on new growth so leave till then.

just checked out dovefromaboves link so thanks guys should be ok now but dont be surprised if I'm back next year picking your green brains xxx

This is a picture of my honeysuckle , what is going please ? I've been watering more often but my flowers just do this then die


Can I see aphids there?

If so give the flowering shoots a strong blast with the hoze every day to wash them off.

Next year hang bird feeders close by (sunflower hearts are great) to attract bluetits - they'll feed their families on the aphids.

The bluetits and their fledgelings have been all over our honeysuckles for the past couple of months

Hope that helps


Yes we have aphids  but not sure that's all that's going on , the flowers are just shrivelling up and dying off leaving just a dry brown dead flowers , the earth is very shallow next to the fence could this be causing some of the problem ? If I built the soil up around the plant and up the stem would it root from the covered stem ? I don't think despite all the watering its able to hold onto the moisture cause its so dry there xxx Thanks again for all your help


It's probably aphids and drought. 

This year I've invested in a soaker hose to go along the base of the north-facing fence which has a lot of clematis and honeysuckles on it.

Thanks Dove , what about building up the soil around its base? would that help it do you think ? Moneys tight at the moment so a soaker hose is not an option at the moment xxxx



Not sure that would solve the problem - honeysuckle needs a cool deep and moist rootrun, that means several feet deep. 

Put a soaker hose on your list for Father Christmas - in the meantime a large bucket full of water three times a week until mid October, whether it rains or not, should help - but the main problem is that it's not really the right place for a honeysuckle

Oh ok thanks , will try the bucket and if that doesn't work I'll have to think again Thanks Dove your heart must sink every time  you see my name ....."that blooming honeysuckle woman AGAIN!"  xxxx lol