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I've two new Lonicera Japonica Halls Prolific which were planted in March this year. They both started growing incredibly fast but about 10 weeks ago one came down with this.

I've cut all the problematic stems off but a week or two later the same thing happened. I've also used Bayer "fungus fighter" once a week but it isn't clearing up. Now the other one located at the other side of the house is looking "poorly"!! They get watered daily and are in very large pots with mulch topping.

What can i do to clear this up once an for all.




Looks like powdery mildew.  Can be caused by humid conditions or dry soil.  You could spray with a fungicide

Give it a good water and a mulch of FYM BB, this often cures the powdery mildew without spraying. Honeysuckle are woodland plants so need moisture at the roots and a bit of shade.


I agree with Dave. Try general TLC every time before you get the sprays out

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