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I have a 3yr old Honeysuckle in a pot in a shadey back yard. Having fed and watered it well this year, it flowered beautifully. I think it got too dry in the warmer weather as I was worried about over-watering. Now the powdery mildew has taken hold of it and although the plant has been fighting back with new growth and berries, the leaves have been dropping now for about 3 do I prune it back now, leave it to struggle through winter or what?? It's looking a bit sad now. Thanks for any thoughts

It's popular common problem this Yead, viz., powdery mildew on honeysuckles and many other plants.

I normally prune back in autumn but best in spring.  Collect all fallen leaves and apply a good thick mulch. Next year ensure plant doesn't dry out.  Organic fertiliser too in spring then you will have loads of flowers next summer 

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