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hi, can anyone tell me if honeysuckle has deep roots, i have cut it down and the stem still there is about a ft long, i was going to start digging it out because the ground is so wet, but im not sure if im up for the job, and i dont want to start if my back wont let me finish, thanks


No, not really deep, it's a woodland plant and it's roots spread out a bit but they're not what you'd call deep - if the soil's very soft a good fork over and a strong tug will probably do it, but do be careful of your back 

Jean Genie

Lynne - I've been trying without much success to dig a piece of root out of our new border for weeks now. The whole family has been on the job. Problem being it's grown under the post from the trellis, Have even tried stuff from OH's toolbox - monkey wrench, pliers , and grippers.

It's still there.  If anyone knows the answer, please help.


thanks dovefromabove, i think i will go out now and have a go, jean i know how you feel, i have dug out a large rose bush, it was such hard work, that's why i asked about the honeysuckle, good luck


well i have just been out and dug it out, and as you said dovefromabove, it came out quit easy, wish i had asked sooner, i have been looking at it for 6 months ha ha, where would i be without you guys, thanks again

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