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We planted a honeysuckle 2 years ago, but it still hasn't flowered. It's healthy and has lots of leaves; we haven't pruned it at all so not sure why it's not flowering.

Anyone any ideas please?

maybe it's just too happy. flowering is the plant making sure that, if it dies, life will go on. yours maybe thinks it has found a nice place to live and what's the hurry?

Yes I agree. You have a happy plant enjoying the easy life.  You prob feed it well? 

However, I prune quite hard in autumn.....mild here but prob safest in spring.  I have 3 different varieties and they are all treated the same way with a tendency to spur prune, I.e. to shorten side shoots from main shoots.  To maintain lower greenery I always remove a couple of main stems to about 1 or 2 feet from the ground.  No expert but it works for me.  All mine are generating masses of flower and scent as I type this

Good luck snowy


Thank you all very much for your help. It's climbed to the top of the trellis so maybe we'll have some flowers sometime! Verdun, will certainly prune it in the autumn or spring.

Again, many thanks.

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