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Has anyone got any tales of caution, or remedies relating to growing horsradish in the garden. Does it grow well in pots for example? It sounds as if it might be rampant if planted into the ground? I can't find any information on Gardeners' World on growing horsradish, so maybe this speaks for itself!

It's rampant. You'll need a big pot, those roots go down a long way.

Thanks, maybe that's the best solution.....that or buying horsradish sauce in a jar!

It grows wild. People used to go out and did it up from the roadsides.

You really have to be in love with Horseradish to let it into your garden. It will never leave you! Mine was planted 30 odd years ago (after bringing a root from our allotments in Oxford - where it had been thriving for 10 years). I have dug the roots out with the spade going as deep as possible, whenever my husband wanted it. You can never get every bit out and it will eventually regrow from the bits of root left in. Mine is planted in a corner where two side are walls but I am always trying to dig out stays. I have tried weed killer on the leaves when it encroaches too far but it doesn't work too well. But if you persevere it does weaken the growth. You do have to dig out as much as possible so you get new tender roots and not very old thick ones. I once had such a lot that I went to see if the Polish delicatessen were interested. They said they only sell it for Easter!. The worst bit is peeling (with a good potato peeler) and the grating. It broke my food mixer! If you can get as far as mixing in the cream etc. you will have more tears than you have ever shed! Perhaps that is why it is associated with Easter. Good luck. 

P.S. I don't know when you should really harvest it.


Goodness, thank you....I'm convinced that in my dedicated and relatively small growing spaces and the woods beyond, I had better be responsible and not plant it after all!
Steve the Gardening Vet

I was a bit worried that I had strayed into the world of fetishism, thongs???

I hate them but my daughter reckons they are very comfy.
No, rarely. But as I hadn't signed in my response did not get captured. Here it is again, or something like it. As the thread had been take 'off course', it needed closing as my enquiries had received pertinent and helpful answers in regard to growing horsradish. I have decided to follow that advice. Have since bought ready made horsradish sauce from Mr. Waitrose - much safer. Don't need to discuss thongs per se, hardly enlightenng topic anyway.
Steve the Gardening Vet

I'd have said for some they would be an eyeopener!

I don't however get where the word thong came from in this title in the first place? Am I missing something?

Horsradish is sold in thongs....just as other items are sold as tubers, corms, whatever.

Dear Christine, Very wise decission not to grow, my wife loves horse raddish sauce so thought I would grow some, in spite of putting into large plastic pots of couse it escaped & it has infested my asparagus bed now so double disaster!  I agree with everything said by Little Miss Bush about trying to dig, remove and, grating  processing -literally takes your breath away!

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