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I recently ordered horticulture sand because of drainage problems with my lawn, we have problems with clay. The order came but unfortunately it was horticulture grit. Can I use this on my lawn after it has been aerated?

Unfortunately they don't sell the horticultural sand and to send it back would cust me to have it sent back. I can still use it for potting. I know golf greens use a course grit. Just want some advice for usimg it on my lawn.


Could you not just use sharp sand for this rather than what I assume is a lot more expensive? 

Cheers, thanks for taking the time.


If you have access to a hollow tine fork you could brush the grit into holes it creates to help drainage but if it is coarse grit it may not go in. You then run risk of  kna*****g your mower blade(s)!

Cheers, thanks for that, looks like that's the way forward.


How big is the lawn? The best way is get a couple of bags of Washed Sand, plus a bag of compost and mix what you need to use after aerating the lawn. It also depends on what you use for aerating, a garden fork pushed in will take the sand and compost mix. Some hire machines have hollow tines which remove a divot that would take your grit and compost mix providing it is grit and not pea gravel. use a good hard broom for sweeping the mix into the holes, you may need sweep it over a couple of times to get it all down. Good luck.


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