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i have just bought an x hose, but it is threaded at the tap end,  i tried homebase bq and plumbase to see if i could get an adaptor fitting that will fit on to  a hozelock tap adaptor but no looks as if the x hose will only connect to an outside tap threaded ,which i dont have.i live in a four in a block upstairs and ran previous hose out of the bathroom window. anyone know anyone with an xhose who has experienced similarproblems.

i have a hozelock tap adapttor fitted on my bathroom cold tap,with male end protruding from tap standard. i gave old hose and reel away and paid £89.99 for this new fangled expanding hose and they dont even supply you with an adaptor for standard hozelock fittings, i saw a conversionkit for amixer tap that would leave it threaded at the tip but i dont have a mixer tap.


There is a hozelock web site which sells all sorts of odd and older size threaded hosewashers for taps, got some for our old outdoor tap last year.  Not expensive and quick service. 

cheers, ive sent a email to hozelock explaining the problem. the girl at x hose is sending out an adaptor but is not sure if its the right one


that's what happened here, when the first wasn't right, they sent me another which did work - hope it goes well for you too. 


I have just ordered some fittings and hose from Amazon they have a very large hozelock selection with pictures and comments also reviews, find it very good worth a look.


I have the misfortune to be in upstairs flat so have to use kitchen sink filling buckets.etc.

I got the xhose but needed a Hozelock 2177 adapter which fits to my kitchen tap but not the xhose, so now I need a Hozelock-to-Xhose adapter. I'm ordering the item from the amazon link above and hoping to heck it works! 

Just be very careful when fitting the adaptor to the xhose.  If you damage the xhose fitting it can't be repaired!!

What you need is a Hozelock flat hose connector 2170. Made for the job.

When i connect my xhose inner hose to the fitting when I turn on the tap the water pressure makes the hose come off there seems nothing to secure hose on to the fitting unlike other standard hose fittings which have a threaded tightener any solutions cheers

Can anyone tell me if I could use the x hose from the kitchen taps please? I don't have an outside tap and all I can find is about mixer taps. If not can anyone recommend a hose that would fit on to kitchen tap. Thank you



I have the same problem with my hose as above.  The pressure blows the hose away from the tap fittings.  I am sooo in the poo from my husband now.  Does anyone know how to secure the hose securely so it doesn't drip water?


My x-hose hes just burst! A hole has appeared and the pressure stops me from using it. Any ideas on a repair please.  Thanks Ted



I believe they are unrepairable Ted, sorry 


those Xhoses are a waste of cash


The slightest cut in them, or thorn and they burst


I don't normally praise a product, but thev hoselock hose is still the best

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