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I grow hostas in pots and have about 5.  Only 1 produced flowers this year, the others threw up a few weedy looking leaves and nothing else.  I feed with organic seeweed food and check for snails etc.  Any tips?


Could they have been waterlogged?  (So much was this year ) Although they like the shade and moist soil, they don't like soggy bottoms 

Alina W

How long have they been in pots? They may be pot bound, and in need of splitting.

I presume that they were kept wet enough?

Are they in the sun? Try moving them into some shade.

You might also like to try feeding them with something like chicken manure pellets next year to give them a boost.

Thanks, yes I watered them enough and they are in partial shade.  They have only been in pots about 3 years and the one that flowered had been in the same amount of time and is pot bound!!     I will try taking them out and seeing if roots etc ok and repotting.  thanks


I usually remove the flowering shoots of my hostas, especially for the first few years or so, as they bulk up into bigger plants if you don't allow them to flower.  After all, most people grow them as foliage plants.



hi all just to say i have had hostas for many years and this year only one flowered and that was pathetic so dont worry you are not alone next year will be better im sure

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