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Beaus Mum

Lovely hostas Verdun, I especially like the top two.  I did have in past years but think I dug them all up last year  Think I want them back now! 

Hiya beaus mum. Just wanted to show hostas aren't all eaten by slugs n snails.  I have a few around the garden in the ground and in pots and they are all good condition 

This summer has seen an explosion of slugs and people may reason they cannot grow hostas.   They can

BizzieB,,yes, they will be  as good next year and thereafter.  They get bigger and more,majestic 

gardenning granny

....aren't they supposed to have that lacey all-over look then? 

I don't think I have the number of frogs and toads I've had in the past and I've never had such a bad year for slugs and snails.  Copper tape works up to a point for me, but gravel?  The blighters seem to love it and it makes them harder to see!  I tell myself that next year will be different.

Absolutely Verdun.  Every time I mentioned that I was buying hostas, I was warned about slugs and snails (although there was also plenty of encouragement of this forum) and it is definitely possible to beat them if we're careful.

I did forget to tell everyone about the demise of the snails in our garden  ... when I was removing a very old and outgrown honeysuckle bush in February of this year, I discovered some paving underneath it.  In the corner, under the honeysuckle bush, I found in excess of 100 snails, obviously hiding away and planning their attack.  I relished putting each and every snail in our wheelie bin and threw in some slug pellets so that they would have something to eat.  I was naturally fascinated by the large number of snails and stood watching them in the bin for quite some time ... only to have the postman arrive and give me a very funny look



the hostas in our garden starts off well but before flowering the leaves start to develop holes same every year. Reading the comments I will give it another go. Perhaps a large pot might be the answer. Good to read so many tips.


I had a similar problem last year with slugs and hostas disappearing

this year I invested in two treatments of nematodes (available from ebay and amazon and other outlets)

so far my hostas have been left alone and see very few slugs or snails apart from the occasional one that comes from the neighbours garden



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