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We moved into a house last year which had a patch of this in an enclosed area.  I spent three days digging, sifting, digging it out and planted a rock garden.

This summer it is back with a vengeance.    For the first few weeks I have been digging out what I can and RoundUp-ing the rest.  Now it is growing up under my other plants and spreading into a patch of lawn.  It Just. Keeps. Growing. Back.

HELP!  What do I do?


Bruise the leaves with your fingers and paint the leaves with glyphosate and then leave it until it dies right back.  You may need to apply the glypho a couple of times.

Good luck 

Agree with Dove. Round-Up's a waste of money anyway and such weeds might appear damaged but wouldn't struggle to survive. Glyphosate's extreme but sometimes nec  

Bramble killer. Spray on, let it dry, repeat and then wait a few days. If it hasnt blackened within a week, do it again. And when bits grow back, do it AGAIN. Until it gives up, which it will. Any time its actively growing is fine to do this.

Thanks AuntieBetty, can you link to the sort of product you mean?  I'm struggling to find anything online.


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