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This plants is all over my veggie patch. How can I get rid of it with out affecting my veggies?


opps forgot to add a picture 


Think you've forgotten the picture?


Oh dear, that is Oxalis cornuta, a real nuisnce. The roots are covered in tiny blubs which break off if you dig it up and then you have even more. The seed explodes out of the seed pod and you soon have more. Roundup will kill it and one of those Flame gun/Weed wands is very satisfying to use on it. Long term job though. Sorry.

Thanks. Will attack it when all my veggies are out. 



Hannah, until then pick off the little yellow flowers every time you visit your veg plot as you don't want them seeding - the seeds wil last for many years in the soil and you'll never be rid of it..


I go down on hands and knees and hoe it out with a little hand hoe. It's not nearly as bad as bindweed, creeping buttercup or cinquefoil -which I have in abundance despite weeding and glyphosate.

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