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Oakley Witch

I moved into my house a year ago and the garden has not been touched for over 25 years. I have cleared the weeds and ground of rubbish and started digging it all over. I planted all the veg I usually do and lost everything. I have wire worm in the ground. I have been to all the well known garden centres, and some little ones, trawled the net and still can't find a solution to this problem. Can someone please help as I am now left with land I can't do anything with.


There is not a lot you can do if you have this pest-turn the soil over and hope the birds do the trick.

There does not appear to be much available as a control

Oakley Witch

I was afraid of that. Ok. Thankyou anyways for replying to me


My information is that there is no chemical solution. Concur with sotongeoff, keep turning the ground over and let the blackbirds/thrushes at the blighters


Chickens love finding and eating wireworms - just a thought 


Oakley Witch

Thanks guys. I cant have chickens, although I would love them, I cant get permission as on the edge of a town. I have found that there is a type of mustard that can be grown in the ground, after a couple of months, they are chopped down and shredded and then dug in the ground again. As long as this is done within 8 minutes...the wee devils are actually gasses out the ground. I have planted some so will let you know how I get on. Never though for a second I would need to resort to chemical warfair lol. Thanks again everyone for you help

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