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I have 40 Ipomoea Morning Glory seeds to plant but no instructions on how to plant them or what soil to use can someone help me please.

for Morning Glory, it has strong growth ability, 

I have planted Morning Glory before, just take care of enough water and sunlight is OK, 

best wishes...


only thing with morning glory is there poisonous so be careful if you have kids or pets...

Alina W

Plant 6mm deep in a good seed compost, and place in a temperature of 20-30C. Germination takes 10 days+

You can plant them as late as June and still have good plants as they grow very fast. Don't plant them out before night time temperatures are consistently 11C or more or they'll die. Seeds are poisonous.

Shrinking Violet

I have found that soaking the seeds overnight aids germination btw.  I have a lot of very healthy young plants in the GH - all free since I saved the seed from last year.  (Hope this helps).

I didn't know about consistent temp of 11 C+ Alina - thanks for that, I'll make sure I hold back on planting them out in a few weeks.


My package says soak over night so that is what I did. the seeds have been planted in gritty compost and are now standing on the radiator which doubles as my propagator.

I didn't realise that you were supposed to soak them.  I just sowed them and they came up.  They are all in little individual pots now in the potting shed by the window waiting for the weather to warm up.  I have given them little sticks to climb up.  I think I should probably have sown them a bit later than I did.

I have sown a few seeds and put half a plastic bottle over the top and popped on a window sill, they have come up really strong and quicker than any thing else i've sewn. 4 weeks later i had to prick them out as they are growing so well.

I am looking forward to seeing them prosper.

good luck with yours


I grew some last year. BUT BEWARE- I planted out 10 lovely healthy 8inch seedlings, but by the next morning they had all been munched! Obviously a very tasty breakfast for the slugs/snails.


As as already been said, they dont like the cooler nights, so depending on whereabouts in UK you are you need to know your local night temperatures. Am in NWest & sow mine in May- must admit sometimes I soak pre sowing, sometimes not. Not usually a problem. J.


One other thing that ipomea dislikes is root disturbance.  I have taken to sowing them later in the year,  in situ,  and get much better results than when I grew them in a propagator and moved them outside afterwards. 

Gorgeous aren't they?

a question - i have placed my morning glory in a plastic box and covered them with glass - is it ok (i m only removing the glass once a day, i.e. no permanent ventilation


ahmed rami wrote (see)

a question - i have placed my morning glory in a plastic box and covered them with glass - is it ok (i m only removing the glass once a day, i.e. no permanent ventilation


I think you need to read back-dont like root disturbance -dont like cool nights...................

I sow my Morning Glories in April



I planted mine today in toilet roll tubes so that I dint disturbe the roots. Didnt soak them in water so hope they are ok. What do you grow your on?  Do you have to give the trellis or sticks or can you let them ramble through other trees etc??


I sow mine in April too as when I did it too soon they got too big before it was warm enough to plant them out. I don't soak the seeds and they always germinate well.

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