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I have a peach tree. I didn't plant it, it was there when we moved in last year. Last year it fruited and produced around about 2 dozen fruit but only about 6 made it to an edible size and ripeness for us to eat. The rest were had by the wasps, flys, ants and probably a few birds. I don't want to cover it as it looks quite attractive in our garden and having poly sheeting or netting around it won't. So without using chemicals what's the best way to fend off the insects? Would hanging a bird feeder work or would the birds just end up eating the fruit as well?

You can place a paper bag around a peach until it is ripe.  May look unsightly for a few weeks but the alternative is to buy peaches!


you could plant a sweet cherry ,the birds like them more than peaches,you wont get any cherries to eat but you might get peaches,

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