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How does one recover from having a garden wrecked by cowboys?  I had serious illness some time ago and couldn't manage my garden.  People I took on were cowboys.  I have tried various gardeners to help get my garden back but most of them weren't good gardeners - one of them even turned out to be a sex offender. I am on a very small budget (left work early because of health problems).  Most of the beds have been cleared of weeds and I have planted some basic herbaceous perennials but it is not how I want it.  I found 2 honest gardeners to help me (mainly by cutting the grass) but they both left because of health problems and  now I have no-one.  A search for other gardeners has not succeeded.   


Ask at your local garden centre or nursery if they can recommend anyone - and then when you contact them ask for references and check them out.


Contact your nearest horticultural college and ask if they can  recommend any of their recent students.

Good luck.

Your local council should be able to offer help in the home including gardening, to enable you to enjoy life you had before illness. Dad had this type of help but you'd have to be prepared to enquire and fight for it, probably volunteers or supportworkers, unlikely to get a professional gardener though.

AGE uk might be able to help. 

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you need to be careful as you grow older because for some reason they home in on you .Like my neighbour who has been ripped off by  certain types for cutting her trees or doing jobs for her house.I now cut her hedge for her and bits but cant do all of it.I  think you have to go on recommendation and  dont pay up front.


Will try local ag college, plus Staying Put agency.  Already tried other sources. Thank you all for your advice.


There is a scheme called Garden Partners, AgeUk approved, whereby younger people without gardens look after the gardens of older people in exchange for a bit of growing space. It might be something worth looking at, depending on the size of your garden. There's another similar scheme called Incredible Edible.

Thank you Macavitythecat.  I'll look them up.

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When my dad could no longer do much in the garden, we did as much as we could for him, but it was either age conern or social services that came round to do some of it. And i'm sure it was free. 

Maybe talk to,some neighbours to see of they know of someone.

I have seen so many cowboy least the mess they leave behind.  One was supposedly a head gardener who pruned a forsythia in early spring. these people think gardening is so simple that anyone can do it.....they plant the wrong plants in the wrong places, prune at the wrong time, etc and charge extortionate sums for their efforts.  I have seen gardens ruined.  And people in distress at what remains of their gardens.  

No luck through my neighbours - their gardeners already have full lists.  Yes, my late father and I were left in distress after a cowboy gardeners - think it triggered my father's heart attack.


Lots of suggestions above - good luck 

Thank you Dovefromabove.

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