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Duncan Blackwell
I know its not a certainty, but how long can I expect my new hedge to get nice and established?? Can't get the links working on my phone but it's 221364036872 on eBay I'm making a fence from scratch today as a windbreak, and then I can get planting.

What the hedge made of? How good is your soil? How big are the plants?


I think this is what is being bought

5m 60cm+ Native Hedging Mix Natural Wildlife Thorn Blackthorn Maple Hazel Beech  See original listing$_12.JPG


    Item condition: --  

“All plants in this native hedging mix have been grown on site and are lifted fresh to order.”



Presumably these are 60cm whips.

Duncan Blackwell
Hedge is Hawthorn, Crab apple, Hazel, Dog rose, Dog wood and green Beech.
Soil is pretty decent and will be assaulted with chicken manure before planting and covered in bark chippings, the plants are around around 3ft tall but are bare roots.


I would expect a nice thick hedge around 6' or more,,actually, in 3 years.  Kept well watered in its first year and enriched as you describe Duncan.

I would add micorrhizal powder to the base of the planting hole......ensuring contact with the roots.  I would also add fish blood and bone in preference to chicken pellets. 


You're going to have a lovely hedge - I planted a similar one some 35 years ago - we've since moved but the hedge is still fab.  When it had been in place about 3/4 years I planted some native honeysuckle between some of the shrubs and it was wonderful. Full of wildlife 


I'd agree with Verd. About three years for bare root hedging. I put a Hornbeam one into a previous garden, and even the ones in between mature trees were looking pretty good after that time. I had to work harder with them initially. The ones on the 'good' bit of boundary romped away very quickly. Lots of rain here though! They had plenty of compost and B, F and B into each hole. They were 60cm whips.  I've just done Blackthorn in this garden, slightly bigger whips, and they're looking quite happy but I wouldn't expect them to look brilliant for another couple of years. You're doing all the right things and will have something lovely before you know it Duncan. 

Duncan Blackwell
Well I just had a quick jaunt to B&Q for some compost, got 125L bags for ??5.98 and an open bag for ??3. The open bag was twice as heavy as the sealed bags, possibly due to it being wet, but it was a lot bigger too. Also ended up with a gorgeous Madagascar Dragon plant for the house, can't wait for the Lemurs to start growing

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