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I think it's autumn raspberries that are pruned after fruiting and regrow the following year to pruduce fruit on the new growth, happy to be wrong though

All this thinking about what I'm going to grow has made me think I need to clear some more growing space! I think I may clear another bed to run across the bottom of the beds I've made to grow my spuds in next year. I've noticed that tubers are sold in 2kg bags & am wondering how big an area that would need.? So far the beds I've made are 2m x 1m approx.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Sounds as if you will need more space before much longer... it happens to us all 

Also if you are going to grow soft fruit I would advise you need a good primer in pruning and growing. Your yields will better if you follow the advice in them.

Also they need to be spaced out, as advised, so space will again be important.

flowering rose

you will need a lot of hard graft removing weeds and a rotavator to go over the soil to break it down as being a field it will difficult.Another issue to watch out for is the use you have for the field as my mother who had a couple was asked by the argriculture people what use she going to do with the field and had she changed use but i am sure you know that.good luck and have fun .

No expert

A 5 kilo bag of seed potatoes contains about 70 seed. A 2 kilo bag should then have 28-30 seed depending on the size of seed. At 12 inch intervals and 24 inches between rows for earlies your bed  at 2m x 1m will take 14 seed i think.


Ok thanks for advice everyone- such a lot to learn and think about, but I am enjoying the challenge. I think I definitely need another bed clearing, but I'm going to stop at that for this year and see how things pan out then.

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