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Hi. we moved house and have a super big garden. Have set up a compost bin. we now have 4 rescued hens - they produce eggs (and poop). would like to compost their poop and bedding etc. last time i tried to do complst it was a bit of a disaster! Please help!

Use the poo to activate your heap of "greens and browns" - see this earlier thread

I believe chicken poo must age for a year or so otherwise it will damage or kill your plants (but, with or without poo, you'll have to wait for the heap to rot down to a nice friable texture).  

Any other ideas folks?


Wow, Debi, how nice to see a post by a Lysaght, there aren't many of us about!


Add your chicken manure to the compost in alternate layers to green matter (lawn mowings, cabbage leaves etc)   

Give the heap a good stir every now and then.  It'll make fantastic compost - no need to 'age' the chicken manure - that happens in the compost-making.  

That's only relevant if using manure 'straight' onto the garden.

Stacey Docherty

Boyashi is also really really great for helping break down the ammonia in the chicken poo. I just chuck my chickens straw and sawdust on the compost and give it a v v good water then sprinkle some boyashi ( a helpful bacteria) (( you can also get boyashi mash for the chooks they love it on a cold day)) and leave it for about a year .... My plants thrived on it this year

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