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Last year I was left with virtually nothing thanks to a few little field mice. What's the best way to deter these critters?

C4? - kidding. Actually not kidding.

I noticed a new hole last week in the middle of my cleared ground bed that I was planning on putting my roots in this year. And there was a little field mouse sitting next to it, bold as brass, out in the sunlight.

I'm not a violent person but seriously I am down to zero tolerance.

Pennine Petal
I agree Dove, my cat is an expert on field mice.

True. When I intially got mine, birds disappeared as well . Fortunately they've come back but the mice haven't.

Gary Hobson

This is what cats are born to do (has a mouse in its mouth)... in my garden......



Sitting in the sunlight ? Lucky you

Gary Hobson

Unfortunately not, that photo was taken last summer.

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