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How to get rid of excess soil?

I have bags of excess soil, as a result of planting new plants and improving the soil. Can anyone advise what to do with it? The Council recycling plant won't take it.

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Recycle - I would advertise it on your local freegle site - someone will be grateful and come and take it away for you.

Alina W

Depending on how much you've got, I wouldn't be in a rush to get rid of it. You will find that newly-dug borders and areas around plants sink over winter, and you will need to top up the soil come spring.


For heavens sake keep it.  Soil is so precious, never, ever throw it away. Can you not keep it in old compost bags or rubble sacks until you need it; as you surely will.

All good suggestions and I'd be inclined to keep the soil for the reasons given but if needs be you could always go to a local allotment and ask if they want any excess soil. 

Our council recylce  bank will let you put soil in with 'hard core waste' - stones and rubble etc..but not in 'green waste'. It might b worth googling to see if there is a recyling bank within travellnig distance which will take it.


I had about 2 tonnes of soil after doing some major works in the garden. I used quite a bit making a raised bed for ornamentals, but in the end had to pay a local skip company to take some away in 1 tonne waste bags. this cost £30 a bag.


Ah, maybe it was a mix of topsoil and sub-soil?  Or had they been kept strictly separate?  The top soil I would keep every time, but not the sub-soil.

Paul N

Create raised beds. NEVER throw soil away.

hollie hock

It's a difficult one- my garden has been transformed this year and the amount of soil that came out of here was several tonnes and it does come down to the question of available space.

Fortunately there was a place of unused  space available to me- it was also the space that I managed to deposit many of my unwanted plans/shrubs into. Garden outside the garden.

I would agree with others, that unwanted soil is something you can do so much with.

I've used some of the unwanted turf to create tumbts, so creating a variation of height, as well as filling some pots. I've also sieved a lot of it and used it as a bottom level for seeds. Great ideas re raised beds. it has so many uses,

The soil I have is out of a cemetery and the pile is an eyesore due to lack of space  any serious suggestions


Gumtree. Advertise it 'free on collection'. That's where I got fresh soil for my raised bed last year

Katherine W

Raised beds! Even if it is subsoil, you can layer it with any rubbish you collect from the garden, leaves, weeds, cut grass, you name it. One year it will be fabulous fat soil.

I raised a bunch of beds with subsoil from our pond dig, and I am super happy with the results.

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