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I have two large bushes which I'd like to join into an archway over my driveway. Apart from mowing the lawn this probably my first green fingered endeavor, so please go easy! 

I've attached two images of the bushes in question. 

So -- is is possible? What should I do to have them join? Will I need to build a scaffolding up there for them to run across, or should I tix them together? Or do I need to wait a couple more years for them to grow more before doing anything?


Any tips will be much appreciated.




what are the trees/shrubs you're using Mr Flibble?


That's a lovely view you're framing Mr Fibble. 

It looks like two different trees you're using - is the left one a laurel? The right one looks like beech or something but a bit hard to tell even enlarging the pic. You may be better using a frame of some kind to tie them into but it could be quite simple - 2 posts each side with crossbars and perhaps a bit of trellis or some horizontal timbers attached between the posts . The posts would need to be well footed though as I'm guessing the arch will need to be quite high.

Hi nutcutlet and Fairygirl. I don't know the types

(told you I was new at this!)

Below are two pics of each plant. 





Will it be a problem if they are two different types of plant, or just look a little odd?


Fairly sure the first one's laurel but I don't think it'll make any difference - they're not too dissimilar anyway and once you fix them into supports etc they'll grow in together. It'll make a nice feature, just make sure you tie them in well to begin so that they don't spring apart!



...the 2nd one is a huge Griselinia littoralis... so at least they are both evergreen...


Looks like laurel, holly & privet?

OK - I'll give it a shot so! Thanks for your help.

Oh that's such a great idea! I'd love to get an arch. 

I'll have to ask a few friends for help, though, I think. Total newbie, that I am.

Thanks for the tips, though! Very helpful! =)

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