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There is a field of eight lovely horses (not mine)which boarder my garden -whilst they are lovely to look at they seem to take great pleasure in eating my wooden fencing-any ideas how they can be (humanely) prevented from doing this (other than the obvious..?)


You need stuff called Cribox - you can buy it online, just Google it - you paint it on - some horses are what is called Crib Biters - they gnaw their stable doors etc.  Cribox tastes bad to them but doesn't do them any harm. 


We used to fix galvanised steel on the tops of the doors!

String of wire along the top/back edge works quite well too.

Thank you for those suggestions much appreciated (it was also suggested old motor oil?? -does that work? -not very eco or horse friendly  I would have thought?)Will google the cribox-and maybe wire -although its a very long area to cover-thanks again for those ideas.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I recently had some new fencing installed and the contractor stretched a wire along the top of all the posts, specifically to stop chewing of the rails.


Thank you-I will give those ideas a go.

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