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Hi all, just spotted this:

Puts all the pesky cat issues into perspective! 


my lips are sealed, suffice to say I didn't think it was a bone at first.


Hosta - I thought that too...

A dog that size would certainly keep the cats away though....



My first thought were gonads!

Did anyone see the programme about Swarms ....BBC 4 I think a few nights ago ?

It has probably been shown before but having noticed several posts recently about Rats and Mice, I thought maybe we shouldn't worry too much.

The mouse swarm on one Australian farm really beggared first thought was A River...........they just flowed endlessly.

On a related note, I hear that the UK is ultimately responsible for the huge numbers of feral cats which exist in Israel.  Apparently, they were introduced at the time of Israel's making to control the rat population there.  Now they have few rats but over run by feral cats. 

Just goes to show that we should keep our sticky fingers out of world affairs


For anyone wondering, this is in the grounds of a marketing company near me called 'bigdog ltd'.  Been meaning to take a photo for ages and passed it on the way to deliver my Mum's Christmas pressies earlier today.   Certainly catches the eye!


I think it needs a carefully placed piece of tinsel, Bob!   

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