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I shoul have put all these in one post sorry,i have 3 hydrangeas in pots all were gifts,2 flowered,one 3years old one new the 2year old one didn't flower at all,when they did flower it was april,now everyones bushes in beautiful full flower mine just leaves


Where are you keeping these-are they still in pots or the garden-have you pruned or fed them at all?

Alina W

Probably because they're young and have been moved. Also, have you removed the old flower heads? When you do, you have to be very careful to remove just the flowerhead and not damage the buds just underneath it, which are the new flowers.

haven't removed old flower heads,al in pots in fairly shady places,haven't fed either,i'm new gardener and have baby who likes to be with  me 24/7 so don't get free hand often!


I would be inclined to plant them in the garden now in a well lit spot-remove the old flower heads-do nothing else other than keep them well watered-they should flower again next year


giving a Growmore feed has produced wonderful flowerheads this year,even though the bush is in a shady area,so this really should work.And yes,removing old flowerheads and at the end of the year cutting back dead wood(bits that snap off easily in your hand) will help greatly.

I have one hydrangea in a pot - I couldn't begin to count how many flower-heads it has, there are so many.      But, it is a very thirsty plant and needs lots and lots of water!!!!

They'll have to stay in pots at least for now as we're moving,thanks, I'll try some feed,deadhead and maybe move to a sunnier spot

No louise don't move them to sunny spot. Hydrangeas love water....hydra, water. But I agree with others that maybe they need a feed too. When you do move and you plant them in the garden they will grow well. What colours are they? In acid soil hydrangeas will turn bluer but in alkaline soil they become more red. I would give them a nice rich moisture-retentive spot when you do plant them but not worry too much for now whilst in their pots

I nknew about acid/alkaline,ay mo 1 bright (though a bit dulled) pink,1 lblue,1 white, I did think I remembered they grew well in shade when I'd seen them on my travels,watered well yesterday,will doagaoin today with my little helper who loves to hold her own tiny watering can!

We have some fabulous hydrangeas which are overcrowded, and against the north-facing wall of our house, which is in the shade of the sun most of the day.

The soil here is alkaline and full of limestone pebbles & cobbles.  Our hydrangeas vary in colour between purple, violet and pink.  They are flowering well. They may have been treated or fed before we moved here, but not for the last 15 months or so.  Our garden is free-draining, but being on the side of a hill, in times of heavy rain we get the occasional lake quite close to the house!

We are intending to have some steps built, which probably means we will have to move the hydrangeas this autumn/winter.  I have read that they don't like full sun, so I will probably put them lower down in the garden, in the shade of a high laurel hedge (but not too close to it).

I have a pink hydrangea in the wrong spot dry. I want to grow annabelle a good white one in a better position in my garden but because I have neutral soil I will also get a good red one and it should keep its rich red colour. A friend has acid soil and grows blue ones without a trace of purple to spoil their true blue colour. Water is hydrangea's best friend I think. One year I watered my plant generously and the flowers were huge

I am from the old school, i dont agree with cutting off dead flower heads before late spring. For those who dont know the old flower heads protect new buds on the hydrangea from the frost





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