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You article on line says now is the time to prune hydrangeas. Can you give a bit more description please


Not sure what you are looking at -or expecting here-but perhaps the indication is to remove the old flower heads??

ok will do that, thanks


Steve the Gardening Vet

Depends how big you want them to be, if I don't brutalise ours back to the first set of buds then they would run riot. As it is, even with that amount of a prune, they grow to five feet tall. You can also remove the woodiest stems right now too.


Thats what i wondered, Dont want to completely ruin them but they do look a bit sad at the moment. Mine do not seem to get very big and I have one of each sort. Do they prefer a sunny position (as they are now) or a shadier west facing side.



Steve the Gardening Vet

Mine are in reasonable shade for most of the afternoon but do get morning sun and they just go mad!

When removing old flower heads be careful. Look for the fat double buds below these heads and cut to these.

nanna 26 go to google or whatever and RHS pruning hydrangeas exellent info for you

good luck Alan4711

Done mine yesterday, glad to be back in the garden doing some real gardening.

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