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Hey, any ideas why my hydrangeas have green flowers?  I give them the "tonic for blue flowers" religiously!  They look quite nice, but aren't what I was hoping for!


There are quite a few varieties with greeny/white flowers Debbie. Did you buy a named variety which should have been blue or pink? If so, I'd contact the supplier or you're flogging a  dead horse trying to change it!  


they might not be ready yet. Are they in pots its easy to control the blue if the hydrangeas are potted i've two in pots and they are only just starting to flower now and i can see it's going to be blue. The one's planted in the ground at the front are always pink even if i add the "blue tonic". so i've give up with them one's. I like my hydrangeas and have some cuttings on the go. I'm going to give one to my mum she hate's them, say's they remind her of nursing home's and graveyards.


Fairygirl have you got the August GW mag. I'm sure i've seen your name taking about fox's..


I think someone mentioned it Zoomer. I've only had a quick glance though. Quite a few of us mentioned I believe!



Hi Debbie, my pink hydrangeas start off green and gradually turn pink.

Hi this is good for advise on the Hydrangea colours its theR.H.S advise
good luck Alan

We've started our 1 st one last year (gift from a neighbour) cut it down to the ground last autumn, now flowering well, approx 2' tall so far, white blooms with larger petals around each bloom (dont know name of variety)  have tried colourants in the past, mixed results, forget it. Bill 

anthony mcglen

hi all i too have one it is full of lush green leaves at the min but alass i can not see any flower buds.i have had it for two years now.the first year it was in the ground maybe in the wrong place but got hammered by the winter and i almost lost now in a three foot pot and is doing good .i hope it will flower this year

Hi , I cut a large one down to the ground earlier and as it came back i fed with Nettle tea to allow it to get a good start with all its new growth which is now a deep dark lush green,next year im feeding on comfrey for more phosphate to get good flowers its all worked very very well before good luck
hi debs again hows this RHS Flower colour Back to top
One of the most interesting quirks of some hydrangeas is the ability of the flowers to change colour. This is not true of all hydrangeas, only the mophead and lacecap cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla.

This colour change is due to the soil pH which affects aluminium availability. Those with blue or pink flowers tend to be blue in acid soil conditions (high available aluminium levels), mauve in acid to neutral soil conditions, and pink in alkaline conditions. To get the best flower colour, choose cultivars that give the best colours for the pH in question.

White flowers, and also green-flowered cultivars, remain white or green regardless of soil pH.

Try to use rainwater to water hydrangeas, since mains hard water can affect the flower colour, turning blue flowers mauve or pink.

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