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My wife got some hydrangers last year , after the flowers died we planted them in the garden but they have not flowered since. Any idea why ? - are they lime hating do they need a certain compost or feed . Any help apreciated.

ps. profile picture shows dwarf cherry blossom chosen after asking for help from forum members ,thanks for youre help .


Hi Steve, did you prune them at all?  Soil isn't a big issue for hydrangeas and only affects the colour of the flowers, as long as it's not really poor soil they should be fine. I don't feed mine too much as it tends to produce soft floppy stems - just a sprinkle of chicken manure in spring and that's it.  Are they planted in sun or shade?  I had one planted in shade as that's what the label said and it didn't flower, moved it into full sun last year and it's never looked back.


They do like plenty of water and it's been a dry summer. 

star gaze lily

Two of mine have been in full sun for years and are great. Another I got a couple of years ago and is smaller now than when I bought it, so 2wks ago moved from sun to shade and hope next year it will be better. Also just recently bought a type beginning with p which has gone from my mind, hope that does well too. When I prune mine I do that end of march.


Thanks for the advice, think i will put it someware sunnier and see what next year brings.


No,  don't move it to sunnier position Steve.  Is the site dry, as Dove said?  Hydrangeas simply will not grow well in dry soils.

I would feed it with a granular organic fed now and scratch it well into the soil.  Mound up surrounding soil to create a "basin" around the root space and water well.  Water again and let it drain.  Then a thick mulch a couple of inches thick (don't do it right up against the main stem) 

Keep it reasonably moist, at  least, next year then I think if will be fine.

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Verdun how shady would you advise, I have a big oak tree in my garden and have moved mine so its just sheltered under the branches. The other two that are in full sun I inherited with the house. They are very big and seem to enjoy the sun.


My paniculata type has taken off since being in the sun.  I've got a white mophead type that hasn't flowered this year and thats in full shade, might move it.

If your plants are doing well in the sun then leave well alone.  However, moisture and semi shade ...for me...are what hydrangeas like.   Full shade?  No. 

I think too,,that if the soil is good, rich and moisture retentive, hydrangeas will grow well in the sun.  



Like so many other plants Verd isn't it - they can take a lot more sun if the moisture's there. I've had hostas growing in south facing gardens no problem - but the  soil supported them. We get plenty of rainfall and the soil's clay so it suits them.  Many Hydrangeas do well in sun if the soil's right. Dry soil is more of an issue I think. A bit of shade is their preference though. Funny how people think shade's a problem in gardens but there are loads of terrific plants for shade.

As you say Fairygirl, some of the best things like shade.....I do too 








Anyone with shady and sunny areas in their garden has twice the reason for buying two types of plants,thats my excuse ,and I,m sticking to it.

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