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Hello everybody!

I am an A-level student studying Technology and Design and aiming to solve problems relating to indoor hydroponics systems and home growing. I would like to find out any problems that indoor gardeners/hydroponic system users/home growers have on a day to day basis. This information will be used to design an easier to use product.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, thank you!

hi i hope you can help me with the problem i have a hardy fuchias that has growen into a big plant, about 2 ft across not flowering well, what i can i do with it. please help.


Hi Alanplants

Can you start a new thread with Fuchsia in the title, then the people with fuchsia expertise will spot it. 

Last edited: 19 September 2016 12:24:12

Hey dovefromabove

Sorry I am new to this page and I am still trying to figure it all out, thanks for your help have you experienced similar problems with your Fuchsia?

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