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Does anyone have any idea what this beautiful plant is..



look after a nursing home garden with raised beds and have never been able to idea this grows quite tall and has beautiful yellow flowers on it.......this year i have been able to divide it and now have two more plants....


Oh, that is gorgeous!  Bumping the thread, as I'd like to know what it is too!


Looks like a verbascum to me. ???? Very pretty !!!


Supernoodle. Explain 'bumping the thread' please.

Its sisyrinchium.



sisyrinchium striatum methinks



there's a nice variegated for called  " aunt May"



I agree with hostafan

 Sisyrinchium striatum


Hey Runnybeak, by replying I "bump" the question to the top of the forum latest posts list - makes it more likely for someone to spot.


Thanks foe the id.  Just looked it up and not really suitable for my soil

Got a large pot I was wondering what to do with though 


Thanks Supernoodle. . Just popping out to water. Slabs in garden are still warm as we have had a scorcher this afternoon. Hope it continues. 

Ok, thanks for the feed back....will check out the suggestions....



Flower Bird. Oops !!!! Got it wrong.....again !!!  I mean well but don't look it up,before hand and jump straight in. . So far in the short time I been with GW I've got every one id'd wrongly. Nea mind ey !!!!

Right guys and gals...checked it out AND it is definately  what hostafan said...sisyrinchium striatum (what a mouthful..hehehe)..and the Aunt May variety...

feeling pleased...this plant has been bugging me for a few years.and now i know what it is..


thanks hosta..and and everyone else...GW site is really helpful...some great people on here...


Thanks Ceres too...sounds like an oscar acceptance speech..

never mind runny beak..i appreciated your feedback....

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