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Carol Oxborough

Having moved into a new house two years ago, I have tried, unsucessfully to grow potatoes in my "veg plot". I have tried different varieties, but although I get good healthy growth on the top, and plenty of potatoes, they are all scarred and rotten in side. I have tried adding chicken manure as I thought this might improve the soil as I have no idea what has been grown in the area previously.

Runner Beans grow really well, but onions don't ever get big, and unfortunatly my brussel sprouts are the size of peas!

Any helpful sugesstions would be greatfully appreciated....or should I just give up growing my own??

Thanks Carol 

Try going in bags may be its the soil - runner beans less fussy

Have you tried to grow potatoes in bags?

Carol Oxborough

Hi there, yes I have grown in bags, and they were ok....just salad potatoes - so you do think I might be the soil then...thanks


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