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WOW! Now I know that there have been warnings and comments on here and on TV about the smell of nettle brew but I was NOT expecting the whiff I've just experienced! I have never ever smelt anything lIke it!  If I use it in the greenhouse will the smell disappear into the soil or will it create a honky no-go zone?  

Also I got some on my hands and I can't get the smell off! I've washed them with soap, washing up liquid, Crabtree and Evelyn gardeners hand cleanser and shampoo and my hands still stink!  Anyone got any tips?? 

Is this nettle brew stuff worth it? The smell is like nothing else! Yuuuuuuuuk!


The smell will subside eventually. Definitely worth putting up with the inconvenience of smelly hands.

Try rubbing half a lemon on your hands. You can take the juice out first and just use the empty half.

Remember tho to put hand cream of some sort on afterwards as Citrus will dry your skin

Yep know what you mean ! It's minging ! When the nettles have stewed for about 3 weeks remove all the leaves and the remaining liquid won't be quite as bad after a while. The stewed leaves are then great for the compost heap.


Tootles,  it's why I don't brew this stuff.  

A guy I know has ths stuff on his plot.......over ripe!  (nobody ever visits him or wants his produce )

Ha ha ha !

Right, 2 lemons, a lime and an orange and my hands still reek! I'm going for the banana next! 

The nettle mush went into the bin. Couldn't bring myself to put it anywhere else. 

I'm with you Verdun. Unless my tomatoes turn into gold, grow legs and do the house-work, I'm never ever making this stuff again.  It's lethal!

See if you can get hold of fake tan remover, that will do the trick, you need to sluff off any dead skin you can as its in the to layer of skin now, if you havent got a nail brush, pummice or exfoliator, salt is pretty good with washing up liquid, but as the others have said your hands will be in a mess after - good luck
I didn't think it smelt too bad!

Thanks Bekkie.  Finally got rid of the honk with concentrated fabric softener. Never again!

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