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I have just joined gardners world and am looking for some help. 

My first problem is that i bought some seeds about six months ago at a car boot sale with the intention of selling them to make a profit. Knowing nothing about seeds or gardening I was obviously a little hasty in my decision as i am really struggling to sell them!

I have hundreds of packs and the prices i am asking are but a fraction of the retail price printed on the packet but you see now they are nearing their plant by dates and I still have them! 

Please could someone advise as where best to sell these seeds! 

Any response would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards, 



I am afraid no sensible gardener is likely to buy them as they will not know what conditions they have been kept in.

Oh and my second reason for joining is for advice as to how much i should be aiming to sell my home made planters for and also where would be a good place to start with those!

I dont know the rules f handing out emails here but if anyone wants a planter or any seeds from the above thread please email:




thanks for the reply, not any ?

They are all sealed packets and look as if they are in brand new condition?


I have suggested e-bay as a route for selling you wares

Is it really appropriate you use this forum as a market place?

Where will it end wheelbarrows,unwanted tools- anything else garden related??

Companies pay to advertise on here-you should not expect to do it for free

And it is against the rules-of which there are only a few



hi wild265 just wondering if you are a gardener this forum is a loverly place to be for advice on plants,problems ect,tell us about your garden.

Oh so you have only joined the forum to sell? Thought it was for gardeners looking for advice and sharing there knowledge?

I've got a suggestion - if you need a bit of additional income why don't you sow and grow your seeds into plants and sell them on - you can have a pitch at car boot sales etc - that way you'll find out whether the seeds are viable or not, the buyers won't risk buying useless seeds, and you'll learn a bit about gardening at the same time 

pictures of planters and your location would be a start

Think about this?-you will be sending money to someone you dont know and all you have is an -e-mail address to start with

Now would you do that in any circumstances??

Sorry Alex but you are in the wrong place-stick to boot sales

Bundle them into job lots and sell them on ebay.

I'd also look on ebay at planters similar to yours, then you will know how much to sell them for.  Remember that they are probably big and bulky, you don't just pay for weight when posting something, you pay for size, too.  Royal mail parcels may not be the cheapest way for you to distribute them.

Or like has been suggested, local car-boot sales.

You could show us a picture of one planted up, if they are good, people will PM you and ask if you can make them one,too, and how much it would cost.

Using the site for marketing your stuff before telling us about your garden was a bad move, you can tell by some of the posts you have upset one or two folks.

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