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Hi all

Can anybody identify this for me please? (Sorry it's the wrong way round)

Thank you


A very beautiful Yucca!


Variegated  Yucca (americana?)

There is a variegated Agave which includes Americana in the name... but I've not heard it in relation to Yucca.

There are so many new varieties of these types of plants nowadays ( just think of Phormiums and Cordyline ) it's hard to keep up with all of them.

Nice plant tho certainly looks happy


Steve 309

Anyone notice the bloke in the background trying to dig tarmac with a spade?


You're right, philiippa. I have both a variegated Yucca gloriosa and a variegated Agave americana, and I'm mixing them up. you to spot that ............I didn't even see him

I don't think Yucca flaccida........the leaves are too stiff for that.

That man would be my step dad haha, he was sorting the ground for the turf!!! Thanks everyone

Sounds like a good man to have around a garden 


yucca gloriosa perhaps.


Thanks, I'm just happy to know that it's a yucca

Hello, I have just recently joined this forum, hence the late posting. I am a breeder of new Yucca varieties, and wanted to see if there were any Yucca-news in the UK, so I did a search and ended here at Gardensworld.

Your Yucca is a varigated form of the species Yucca gloriosa. This form is usually distributed with the name Yucca gloriosa forma variegata. I mild parts of Europe it can grow to a small "tree", but usually it's up to about 1 meter tall.

It's a very nice Yucca, which usually bloom in the very late summer or early fall.

When the plant has bloomed, and the flower stalk is dry, you can cut it of just above the leaves, a new rosette or several new rosettes of leaves will grow from the the center of the rosette which bloomed, and there might grow a few pups from the rhizomes in the soil. Which can be cut of to grow more plants of it.

If you are gardening in an area with high humidity, I would advice you to cut of the old leaves as they turn brown. And also during the fall, remove any leafs which is blown into the plant as soon as possible.

Happy Yucca growing




Hi Yuccaman and welcome to the forum


Hi Yuccaman,I followed your advice and everything is just right ,nice one matey  

Thanks yucca man, only just read this but fantastic advice!!! Unfortunately, mine never has bloomed!!

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