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Hi everyone,

I found this growing in a pot and thought I would just leave it to grow. I know it's only small yet and there's just leaves on show - I was just wanting to find out if anyone had any ideas of what it is? Is it just a weed?


Could be salad burnet perhaps..........the edible leaves taste a bit like cucumber.

OTOH, could be a fern of some sort ?

I can't enlarge the photo so a bit difficult to get the full leaf detail.



Looks like Ambrosia artemisiifolia a.k.a. Giant Ragweed, if so, the pollen can cause severe allergies.


I thought the leaves look like an umbellifer, but that covers anything from a carrot to cow pasley.



I think it's an umbellifer but can't go further than that except to list many that it isn't


Ok, thanks everyone

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