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Hi,  a friend sent me this and asked if I know what it is but I am stumped can anyone help please?


Peanuts? Though I think they grow on bushes, not trees...



Are the flowers fully open?  If not could you post a photo when they are?


Could it be a handkerchief tree - Davidia involucrata ?

Pam LL x


Not sure now  - sorry!

Pam LL





It is in an overgrown garden in London my friend is trying to rejuvinate and not wanting to get rid of anything that might be worth keeping!


Well, going on the theory that if we don't know what it is, it's likely to be something quite unusual - it's a mature tree and I'd leave it be and look forward to finding out more about it and working with it - hopefully someone will come up with an ID eventually 


Thanks will let you know what it is! the mystery awaits to be unfolded by nature... thanks

They look like Broad Beans. Maybe you've got a hybrid broad bean tree! Now THAT would be good. I love broad beans! 

Seriously, the leaves look like a Catalpa. If those "bean" pods get elongated then it is. Let us know, we wait with baited breath.


Nutcutlet has a Catalpa - wonder if she's seen this thread? 


I've kept thinking about those pods sure I've seen something like them before, could it be Ceratonia siliqua ? Carob tree. Don't know about it growing in U.K. but it is frost hardy, bad news it can grow to 49 feet. Maybe someone grew if from pods from their hols. 


Thanks for all the suggestions.  I am awaiting a better picture of the mystery tree and it's fruit.  Will post as soon as I receive it.  It certainly has me befuddled checked every book I have ( and that is a LOT of books) will check the suggestions made and let you know how I get on the mystery continues for now!


Rough guess I'd go for PawPaw

If it's in a nice sheltered micro-climate in London in a nice sunny spot, exotic fruit trees do surprisingly well, and if the temps are good enough produce quite crop. Considering the ethnic diversity of London, it's not a leap of the imagination to think of a summer party and someone discarding a stone in the garden, or even planting one to see if it would grow. The picture in the first post looks remarkably like young fruits developing, my first thought was maybe cashew, or mango, but the foliage looks too different, so perhaps is the North American paw paw.


itsnotmyfault - peanuts grow underground, in the roots of the plant, or so I'm lead to believe.  As to the tree - no idea, it is intriguing!


No luck so far still waiting on a better picture!


Is this a current pic marsboyle or something taken last summer?

Doesn't look like a catalpa to me. The leaves don't look right and it flowers and therefore has beans in clusters not in ones

It looks like  a Pongamia tree, but I didn't know it grew in this country.

I'm betting on a hybrid broad bean tree then