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@  ellieL make me laugh.. my nighbour does look like he is trying out for next years wimbledon

@sue.. yes they do get their rear ends in there dont they..and there does seem to be lots of them this year also..


I just saw the post 'my brassicas are netted' and felt a sudden urge to be Kenneth Williams....oooh Maaatron.....

Sorry ..

Heather Michaels

EllieL - if only it was anything that wriggles or creeps lol I scream like a girl if a moth comes anywhere near, I don't do spiders, I'm not keen on wasps and bees make me nervous! Honest to god I am the wimpiest wimp that ever lived lol Why the heck did I move to somewhere so green and bug laden?! hehe

Hard to believe the little beggars can get through the nets. Guess we're going to be a nation of loony tune people running around our gardens swatting and squishing lol 


Heather  ((HUGS)) Read up on them, find out all you can about them, one day you'll find you're interested rather than scared 

Have a stiff G&T and have a read of the thread about wasp nests

Google wasp nests and have a look at the beauty of them - you can see where the builders of those amazing cathedral ceilings got their ideas from.  Join your local Wildlife Trust and go on some of the escorted rambles where they tell you about stuff we country folk learned as children. 

Human beings used to be interested in things, now they seem frightened - goodness knows where we'd be if we'd always been like this 


Heather Michaels

Thanks Dove, I really shouldn't have admitted all of that should I?! I'll definitely have a look through the link (after a stiff drink of course!) and learn to be a big brave girl! And point taken about being frightened instead of interested. One thing I do know though is that if I'm going to put myself amongst all of these things I simply have to learn to live with them and understand them as this is their environment and I'm trying to live in it so deep breaths and I'm plunging in there! 


Heather - admitting fears is the first step to overcoming them  so you're on your journey - let us know how you get on 


i have to admit heather i am also scared of wasps.. i am the only one doing the crazy dance when they come near us... and why is it when you on the beach you dont see one of the blighters until you get your pinic out

i am ok with bees (not wasps) and i dont mind bugs but i do hate spiders terribley so..

i dont really like much with more than 4 legs to be honest.. but i cope with most of them..

we have an electric tennis racket for getting wasps and flies and big spiders in the house.. but outside just try to shoo them away..

Heather Michaels

gardeningfantic, due to wasps I've done war dances in the street, waiting for a bus, you name it lol and I've had some very strange looks too I can assure you (but no offers of help!). I swear these things know I don't like them, they always make a bee line for my head or chest area (moths as well) and if a spider can appear as if by magic behind me on the wall they will! They're all out to get me 

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