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Heather Michaels

Hi, hoping you can help. I'm starting the laborious task of trying to identify what currently grows in my garden (moved in 6 months ago). Some of it is has been planted at some point or another  and I can identity a lot of that as garden flowers. However, I seem to have a huge amount of wild flowers growing (and I suspect a large amount of weed as the garden hasn't been tended very well over the last couple of years or so) and I have no idea what they are. If someone could help identify this lot I'd be a very happy girl! Thank you in advance






I'll start off. Number 1 is a peony.


Huh, I was going to do that one 

I think No 2 might be Enchanter's Nightshade, but there are other things it might be - it'll be easier to tell when it flowers 


I think the last one may be Lysimachia 'Firecracker'

Pleased to say 2nd one not Enchanter's nightshade. I know that one TOO well, but don't know this one, sorry.

3rd could be that little Euphorbia cyparissias, the one that has a cultivar 'Fen Ruby'


1 looks like a peony to me too.  I think no 2 may be the common form of lysimachia with yellow flowers later on.  Can be invasive.   3 looks like euphorbia but I don't like them so don't grow them and can't say which one.  4 is a ringer for lysimachia Firecracker.  Lovely purple foliage but not good when the acid yellow flowers come out.


Heather Michaels

All of you guys are so great. Thanks so much for your help with these. I'm sure I have more so far unidentied's but this is a great help. If No 2 is a Lysmachia you're right about it being invasive. Its everywhere! Fingers crossed that soon I can be at the stage where I know what to pull out and dead off and what to leave alone or resite. Thanks again for the help xxx

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