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I am looking for an indoor plant that will absorb odours.  We have recently bought into a tennis club which has a problem with odour in the toilets/changing rooms.  Despite cleaning this odour seems to linger and I was wondering if anyone knew of a plant which might help.  I don't wan't to disguise the smell, I would like to get rid of it!  Thank you for your help.

Lion S

Interesting question TT2. I have to say I don't have any experience with that but I found this link:

I don't know how many you'll need for such a space and my guess is that you're going to need a lot of them, depending on what causes the odour and how bad the smell is.

Another idea might be to use odour absorbing paint, which is available nowadays.

Good luck with getting rid of smelly showers.

Thank you Flowerchild.  I will have a look at the link.  The smell comes from the fact the clubhouse and toilets are an adapted portacabin. Maybe I should just issue everyone with a peg when they go in there!  


Or get some air freshener blocks or one that squirts every so often?


Thank you for your suggestion obelixx. We already have the airfreshener that squirts intermittently but it just disguises the smell and I would like to get rid of it!  Have had a look a the above link and have decided to try something from the suggestions there.


I have noticed on my visits to large gardens that they use Spider plants in the toilets.  They look so good too.  i now have one big one that goes in my toilet for the winter when it is too cold to have the window open and it works.



There is an odour removed product called Neutrogena, comes as a gel in a pot from which you remove the lid - it lasts quite a while and really does remove smells rather than cover them with another one.  A pot of mint is good, it seems to neutralise smells, and is as tough as old boots, assuming you have some degree of light in there.  I would have two or three pots and rotate them as one gets a bit leggy and needs some fresh air, bringing another one in to take over.  A single pot bought can be split to grow two or three plants and this does work - have used it where people are ill - it makes the place smell nice and fresh.  It is possible that sweet leaved geraniums would help too, but they will not be much good in the winter - the one called 'Lady Plymouth' comes to mind, good when gently brushed past but not overwhelming. 

One tip though, ensure that one person only has the care of the plants or they will be watered to death, or so ignored that they die off, but the first is far more common in a communal area. 

Thank you happymarion and Bookertoo.  I will look into your suggestions.  I quite like the idea of mint as that would be a nice fresh smell.  I will also have a look at Spider plants as that would cheer the place up a bit.  Am feeling quite positive that something can be done after all.


Hi, spider plants, mint(different types), sented leafed geraniums and containers filled with white vinegar work very well.

Thank you jatnikapyar.  I am going to try the mint plants and spider plants first. Hopefully the toilets will be smelling much fresher in no time at all.


Hi Bookertoo   Think you meant Neutradol, Neutragena is a face cream 

Absolutely agree, Neutradol even removes the smell of wet dog from carpets and little boy's wee from bathroom floors 


Ooops,   yes I did not intend face cream to be used as an odour reducer - though, come to think of it, it might work, after all it is aimed on the whole at smelly teenagers!! Thank you, you are of course right. 

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