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I created a flower bed from an area that was lawn.  I stupidly failed to put any organic matter in and just planted.  Sunsequently I put a compose mulch on but things growing very slowly and the soil seems quite poor quality.

Any suggestions.

Also on raised veg beds I put horse manure on and nothing has germinated - could this be because too fresh..  Could I sew more lettuces etc now?

hiya jenny

in the autumn i would dig in as much compost, manure as you can.  for now just see what does grow...bear in mind 2 weeks ago everything was struggling to make growth in that cold spring.  things are now starting to grow so theres plenty of hope

horse manure probably was too fresh.  can you mix it into the soil and break it up a bit? yes sow lettuce now. i sow indoors or at least in pots to germinate then transplant into trays and then plant out as small plants.  do this and your mixed manure and soil will be in better shape when you plant out in say 2 or 3 weeks

Thank you - that is very helpful.  I am an impatient novice and often a case of more haste less speed with gardening...

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