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I have a tree in the front garden, which is cover with something.  I had thought they might be eggs as when I cut off the branches they did not fall off.  Unfortunately this morning the bin is now alive with them.

Any ideas as to what they could be?

How to get rid of them?

Also does anyone recognize the tree?

Thanks in anticipation


The tree is an elder.  The insects are aphids.  

Ladybirds and bluetits deal with the aphids in this garden, or you can use an organic spray or mix up a weak solution of Ecover washing up liquid and spray them with that.

However, I don't think they'll do much harm to your elder tree and they'll provide food for baby birds.  I'd leave them alone. 

Thanks so much, I was really worried that I might off got a serious problem, and spread it from the front garden into the back one too.

Thanks also for naming the tree

flowering rose

most likely blackfly which loves elder and marigolds  .

Have sprayed them with mixture of washing up liquid, the thought of touching them ............. makes me feel like I am crawling just at the thought of it.

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