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Hello. We moved house last week and I'd appreciate some advice please. There are a few areas of the garden which are swamped in an invasive plant. I don't think its Japanese knotweed but it may be anothet variety. Its low (currently) with one spade type leaf per juicy stem which is easy to snap. If you pull out the root it is gnarly and strong and penetrating the surrounding border walls. They are everywhere. Help! What action do I take? I don't like weedkiller but we're at the start of a gardening project so id rather take drastic action now than in the future. I'm a novice gardener but very keen to learn. Thanks. I have a photo, I'll see if I can add to my profile.

Really need photos to help you..............I haven't mastered the photo thing yet but someone will be along shortly to advise........just hang on


To post a picture which is saved on your pc click on the little green tree icon on the toolbar above the space where you type your post, and then follow the instructions. 

Looking forward to trying to identify this plant 



click on the little tree in the tool bar. (I'm told it's a tree, I thought it was a green wine glass) select takes you to where ever the photo is, Then its upload and save. A strange choice of words but there it is

nutcutlet wrote (see)

click on the little tree in the tool bar. (I'm told it's a tree, I thought it was a green wine glass) ............

Cheers Nut!    


Cheers Dove

and everyone else

Nice sauvignon blanc tonite

 Sorry for the delay, I'd had to pop out. Thanks for the instructions. Here is the plant

Ah this looks promising thanks, I'll have a read into it now!

I've had a read and think this is it - thanks Looks like the treatment is to dig out the roots as much as possible, strim and keep on top of regrowth. Seems like I have a busy day tomorrow! thanks for your help and swift suggestion


Not an easy one to get rid of. I'm not much of a chemical user but I'd be getting out the glyphosate


I have a very soft spot for Butterbur - one of the first plants I learned to identify and look forward to in the spring as a child - I remember fondly the bank near my primary school where it grew, and learning how the leaves were used to place pats of butter on and to wrap them in to keep them cool on the way to market. 


Thanks, I might give that some thought. That's a cool story, I'll tell my daughter tomorrow

Dove..........I can let you have a few to take you back to your childhood

Along with the Celandines, the Butterbur is all over the blasted garden


Both lovely plants but they really have no self control and before you know where you are there's no room for anything else

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