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Pennine Petal
As a fairly new iPad user and a techno-illiterate, I haven't worked out if I can upload to this site using the iPad. Currently I send photos to my email and then upload them on to my netbook to upload to the site. Can I do it for the iPad? If so, how? Do I need an ap? No toolbar appears at the top of the posting box. Hope you can help this sorry iPad user! Tanks Glyn
Gary Hobson

On another thread someone mentioned that there is an iPad to PhotoBucket app. This:

So you might be able to put the image onto PhotoBucket, and then simply include the PhotoBucket link in your post, using the Tree Icon.

But I'm not an iPad user, and don't actually know if that all works.

Pennine Petal
Thanks Gary, but I don't have a tree icon! No icons at all because no toolbar.
The Doctor
Gary, I too cannot see the tree, font emoticon icons on my iPad mini. I cannot put a sad face to show my emotions

Nope, i can't do photos on an iPad either. And faces are limited to which I do using usual keyboard colon and bracket etc.


Pennine Petal
I gave up, guys, use my netbook for photos and smilies!
When I type in faces using keyboard colon etc, it doesn't turn into a little yellow face until I submit. So I've stuck to the smile only in case the others don't work. I hope you don't mind if I use this thread as a test to see what faces work....


Oh, not many! Just happy and sad!

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