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chilli lover

 I dug up this iris which suddenly appeared in my front garden last summer and put it in a pot until I see what the flower will be like. It has grown well. At the weekend it was fine, however yesterday evening I noticed these black bits on it. I'd guess frost damage but we have not had any this week!

Is it doomed?





Are you sure it's an iris. My sisyrinchium looks like that after winter. Looks like wrong spelling but close. Never could get the i's and the y in the right place

chilli lover

No I'm not sure its an iris nutcutlet- it just appeared and I thought it was one! I've not heard of the plant you mention - just googled it but haven't yet found a good shot of the leaves.

It didn't have this black on it at the weekend....



Dont think it is an iris but not sure what it is. Not very helpful Im afraid


chilli lover

Ok thanks both.

Here's a hot from above:


chilli lover

OK thanks nutclet - it's brilliant it's got a proper name! but what about the black bits - your first post said it will be OK?


Looks like my sisyrinchium which also gets black bits in winter. I cut them off when it grows it's new leaves for the summer, but I don't really know what to do. They have a habit of disappearing and popping up in a different place nearby.

chilli lover

Thanks to you too Busy-Lizzie. I'll do as you say and look forward to the flowers!


 As time goes on and they seed about you can chuck out the old black ones and keep the new.

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