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our irises flowered and were stunning, but the petals almost immediately started going brown and curling up at the tips.

any ideas?


Have you had the strong sunshine that everyone but those of us who live in Norfolk have had?  Many flowers are late this year, and now the sunshine is here it's a bit too much for some of them - they'll be better in a normal year - whatever that is 


yes it was lovely last week. gutted! so I can either have sun or irises!

weirdly, I have just noticed today that it's only the second flower (to come out) on each stem which is affected. 


Hemerocallis flowed on Sunday and lasted about 36 hours before turning into a crinkled brown mess! Sunday was VERY hot and our garden in a sun trap... but 36 hours!


Hmerocallis are also called Day Lilies as the individual flowers normally only last a day.


we did wonder whether that was why, and assumed it couldnt possibly be!


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