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Hi all,

I'm in the process of buying a house, it's on a new build site, there were traces of Japanese Knotweed, so a company was brought in to deal with it during construction. It was "Japanese Knotweed Limited" saw them on the BBC, appeared to do a really good job.


Currently awaiting my home buyers survey results, I did ask to check for Japanese Knotweed, but decided to take some photos of the side of the house, and post up. Just to set my mind at rest.

None of the below looks like it to me, the leaves should be heart shaped, the stems are very, very solid, but as far as I can see these are just your "average" plants.

Any thoughts, very welcome.







I can see brambles, sycamore, ivy, and a few oddment s but nothing remotely like japanese knotweed


None of the above is japanese knotweed, most of it is bramble..

Excellent. Thank you. We thought that, but having seen the news reports of it's effect made us very nervous.

Thanks you again, for very prompt replies  


Agree with Nut, can't see any Japanese Knotweed there.  

Can your solicitors negotiate a clause in the conveyance that if any Japanese Knotweed appears in your property within (??) years, that the developers (or their heirs and assigns, just in case the company folds) will fund more treatment?  

Or something like that, to protect you?  


Thanks for the reply, the road is un-adopted, there is a management company for the the "comon" areas, we found in the contract an escrow agreement on the work Japanese Knotweed Limited did, a fund is there until 2021 incase they go under. I understand that work is guaranteed too. I'm in the process of getting this documentation. Thanks for this suggestion though, I'll mention it to my solicitor.


Does that mean that there has been Japanese knotweed on the site in the past?

Yes, i'm finding out the full details. I found out there was an excavation done by Japanese Knotweed Limited. Around 2 years ago. 


yes i agree with the other that none of those are japanese knotweed, but you can think you've got rid of it, and it does lie dormant and hide like a terrible alien invader then pop up again, i had it and it's a devil to get rid of. make sure you have legal insurance cover in case it reappears

Thanks everyone. We will look into insurance. We spotted another plant, which we are unsure of too. I don't think this is knotweed either, but can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance!



Last pic is of bind weed, can be killed with weed killer

Again, many thanks  


you have a fine selection of weeds there tunnie

haha, thanks. Very happy with weeds, they can be sorted



Here is a pic of knotweed:

 the stems are shaped like bamboo and if you break them a clear liquid will drain out.  It isn't poisonous - in fact it is very edible.  

I can see why it was brought over for ornamental gardens as it is very pretty.


another pic so you can see what i mean about the stems looking like bamboo


Thanks for the above, that's what I have always looked for is the big stems, we never saw anything like that. 

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