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I bought a bottle of Provado Vine weevil killer 2 this afternoon - to kill the little blighters....and I can't get the killer to come out of the bottle. Followed thedirections..with back of bottle facing etc - No 1 - I couldn't see how much of the liquid was in the measuring chamber as I had shaken the bottle (as per instructions) there was liquid all over the inside of chamber!

Then it says take off lid - red and white sections came away tog - is this supposed to it all the lid?

...and pour out liquid  nothing came out. I squeezed, tipped, tipped again, swore a little at whoever had designed this contraption - not a gardener, I thought. I finally managed to measure out enough in my own measuring cup to do 2 litres worth when I came in to vent!!!

Is it me? Have I got a faulty bottle? Help!


Forward this to the manufacturer. 


I feel for you, Daintiness.   I have problems with those bottle tops where you have to press down and squeeze together at the same time as turning the top.   Arthritis in fingers means any 'child safe' top is also safe from me.   Infuriating!

Your bottle certainly sounds faulty.   Hope you get some joy from the manufacturer.


I've been known to march up to a likely looking fellow in the supermarket and ask him to open this please, especially the bleach containers but there are various other things.  I have managed sometimes with a door, hinge side


I had this problem with the bulb thing on top of the Provado. In the end I took a knife and cut off the top of the bottle and used the old measuring cup which came with the old bottle.



Thank you Berghill. It's not just me!!

I am going to contact the company but I do need this product to kill the vine weevils now so I will probably follow your lead and cut off the top too.

Just be logical.  Take your time.  Remove lid. Tilt bottle. Squeeze until the chamber fills to level you want.  Then empty into watering can

it is a pain, .i agree.  Prob done for safety reasons.  


Oh Verdun if only it were that simple. The instructions say not to emove lid when tilting the bottle to fill chamber...however with or without the lid the liquid will not come out of the bottle. Believe me, I have been patient - reread the instructions several times, told myself not to be so hard can it be my son to look at it ( so he could tell his mother how silly she was being) but he couldn't get it to work either!

Ok.  I found I needed to tilt the bottle almost to the horizontal and squeeze.  Then the contents should pour out.



I have noticed that the red bit inside the bottle seems to have an opening in it. When I loosen the cap a lttle the opening lines up with the chamber with tipping horizontal and squeezing I seem to have got some liquid in the chamber! 

When you take the lid off...does the red lid and the white bit below it both come off together or just the red lid come off for you?


I have just tried mine, is yours like this?

No way could I press and turn as is stated on the lid, I put a knife under the top bit of lid where it says press and turn, thats between the tiny thin strip, then cut the tiny red strip off and voila!! It opens like any other bottle, 


not quite like mine Lyn.  


No Lyn, that's the one I can work. The new one is lime green.

I had this reply from the manufacturer -

Thank you for your email regarding a bottle of Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 which are now filled into the easy dose bottles.  Many of our concentrate pesticides are assigned to this bottle design.  These bottles have a two way valve which should allow liquid to run into and out of the dosing chamber.  With the desired volume of liquid in the dosing chamber the top can be removed and by tilting the bottle into the sprayer, allowing the liquid to flow from the dosing chamber into the waiting receptacle.   
A clever design, if, in my view, over complicated and a bit unnecessary for the average consumer.  From your description it sounds as if the valves aren’t lined up correctly which is restricting the flow of liquid either into the dosing chamber or from the dosing chamber. 
We are receiving ‘mixed reviews’ on these bottles and last year we had a similar comment to the one you posted.   Already these bottles are used for a large proportion of our liquid concentrates and it is not unreasonable to have a very small proportion of these complicated bottles that don’t function as expected – although this is of course not the expected outcome.  I thank you for taking the time to let me know of your recent experience and I will forward your email to the department involved with the use of these easy dose bottles for their reference. 


I really don't like these bottles either. I was using one the other day (can't remember what) & had the right amount measured out in the bulb - but as soon as I put the bottle upright to take the top off about a third trickled back into the bottle - presumably a faulty valve.

Another leaked weedkiller over my fingers while it was tilted - faulty valve or seal.

Yet another involved a much more viscous liquid. I was pretty convinced that about a third of the product was still clinging to the inside of the measuring bulb and valve mechanism & obviously you can't rinse it round to dissolve all the product.

I have gone back to using an old measuring cup - at least then I know exactly how much fluid I've measured. I can also rinse the cup several times with water & add the rinsings to the spray bottle to ensure I've got the full measure.

If the reason for introducing these was to ensure correct dosage of product I think they fail BIG time.

I also consider the caps to be less leak proof than a standard safety cap so, therefore, potentially dangerous if one ends up with less than desirable product on one's hands.

Why do we all have be burdened by products with safety caps on anyway?? I don't have small children around regularly & if I did I am well able to put stuff on a high shelf. It would be nice to choose which closure to go for or to at least be able to remove the one I don't like (easily) & replace it with a regular screw cap. I really struggle with bleach bottles 

Often these "safety" bottles are so awkward that they spill onto hands, clothes, everywhere.  And they leave an amount in the comtainer that cannot be used 


It seems everyone is having trouble with vine weevil grubs.  Is the chemical approach the only answer other than tipping and picking then repotting? Will they escape into my veg beds as well I've had so many I've now stopped counting.


Topbird, I think you should forward you post to the company as I did. You have made some very valid points.

The more people that do, the more likely they are to address the problem.



They will be in the garden as well as the pots, they will completely ruin Heucheras and outdoor fuchsias.

Sounds like the new bottles are rubbish, I wilk be cutting the whole top off and covering with a bit of tin foil.


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